Gamiing Nature Centre has approximately 7km of recreational trails of various difficulties.

Our forest is very young. It was planted in 1987 and 1988 with mainly black spruce and white pine. Natural succession has occurred since and we see now white and green ash, sugar maple and many other species that once occupied the land here.

Our main purpose is to re-establish and protect the original bio-diversity. Thanks to our Kawartha Naturalists friends we have a beautiful inventory of flora and fauna that can be found at Gamiing. Over 180 species.

Download the Flora Inventory of GAMIING - Click HERE

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GAMIING Nature Centre is so fortunate to be located right at a very important wetland. The Victoria Marsh Pigeon Lake #15 is the official title. This wetland is of Provincially Significant status and an  Area of Natural and Scientific Interest.

Our wetland is home to the Blanding's Turtle, Painted Turtle, the Least Bittern, two mature Muskies, Large and Smallmouth Bass, Mergansers, Mallards, Loons,Frogs and many more aquatic creatures. Black Terns use the wetland as a resting place during their migration.

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The straw bale Hut is also called “The Gathering Place”. It is a small place with a woodstove, some chairs and a table. It is used for winter camping especially for families. It has a fire pit just outside the door. It is also used for some specific workshops such as Carving Greenwood with John Wager or some yoga classes.