Mission and Mandate

To share the enjoyment and importance of living in harmony with nature by providing eco-educational experience. To engage the community in: balancing human needs with the needs of nature in our everyday lives discovering plants, animals and water life. Becoming stewards of our water, land and air and working towards a sustainable ecosystem for future generations.

Goals and Outcomes:   

  - Effective environmental education

  - Modeling environmentally responsible practices

  - Combining experiential learning and classroom learning

  - Instilling care, concern, actions in our place of living

Our work includes:

Education and hands-on demonstrations of ecologically sound practices related to water, lakes, lakeshores and upland areas.

GAMIING works with individuals, community groups and other interested parties to further understanding of and participation in practices that balance human needs with the needs of wildlife and natural ecosystems

Capacity building to move forward stewardship of natural resources through collaboration with partners and other community groups. Stewardship in this context is the wise use of our natural resources and care of these resources for future generations by communities who understand the importance and are actively engaged.

GAMIING operates from a 100-acre property with a natural shoreline, surrounded by wetlands, forests and meadows. A Conservation Easement has been placed upon the land and put in Trust with the Kawartha Heritage Conservancy to preserve it in perpetuity as a dynamic natural venue to which the public is invited to relax, reflect and participate in interactive demonstrations of low-impact and zero-impact of lakeshore living.

As a not-for-profit charitable organization, we are dedicating ourselves to share the enjoyment and importance of living in harmony with nature by balancing human needs with the needs of nature, working together towards sustainable ecosystems and stewardship of our natural resources and heritage for our and future generations. We do this with effective outdoor environmental programs for children and adults.

What's here at Gamiing beyond the programs?

     - a beautiful Forest with about 7km of trails,

     - 30 acres of Wetland,

     - Discovery Shack with examples of flora and fauna

     - Hayloft: resource centre for workshops and events