Global Insights: Argentina

By Marcelo Kawanami

One of my favorite things is to share my traveling experiences with other traveler lovers! And why not use this space to share with Gamiing’s readers some of the great engagements I had the chance to know throughout the globe that are focused on environmentally activities and actions that are very aligned with the ones supported by Gamiing.

Our travel journey starts in South America, more precisely, in Argentina, which I visited a Glacier Perito Morenocouple of weeks ago. The country is passing through a very difficult political and economic situation which includes high inflation and low economic growths. The third sector focused on environmental causes is very few in the country. Greenpeace has office there while WWF works through a local partner. Beside those, small organizations still work in a very amateur manner, lacking professionalism and support from volunteers. Due to this reason, I would like to promote some cool organizations that focus on the

Global warming is a constant headline. Nevertheless, not much is talked about the southern glaciers and pole. Argentina has one of the greatest glaciers in the world called Lake District in ArgentinaGlacier Perito Moreno which is located in the Los Glaciares National Park in southwest Santa Cruz province, within the Patagonian region. Due to the lack of media exposition, projects with high environmental impacts in the region are not largely discussed as they should. The Patagonian region is one of the main areas for hydroelectric projects in order to provide energy to both Argentina and Chile. These projects have an enormous impact on local rivers, lakes and Argentinean ecosystem that is key to the world and the south hemisphere.

To know more about this issue and explore other local actions, I would like to recommend two organizations that fight to promote and protect the Argentinean and Patagonian environment:

– Fundacion Bosques de la Patagonia:

– Asociacion Piuke: