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Gamiing's Wetland

Gamiing Nature Centre is so fortunate to be located right at a very important wetland. The Victoria Marsh Pigeon Lake #15 is the official title. This wetland is of Provincially Significant status and an ANSI, which means it is an Area of Natural and Scientific Interest. According to Ducks Unlimited, our wetlands are in trouble. Up to about 70% of our wetlands have disappeared and every day we are losing another 80 acres of precious habitat, which is equivalent to 45 soccer fields. Our wetland is home to the Blanding's Turtle,Painted Turtle, the Least Bittern, two mature Muskies, Large and Smallmouth Bass, Mergansers, Mallards, Loons, frogs and many more aquatic creatures. Black Terns use the wetland as a resting place during their migration.


Victoria Marsh Pigeon Lake #15

Wetlands act as a filter for the waters of our lakes, rivers and streams. The vegetation found in wetlands removeĀ phosphates and other plant nutrients from surrounding soil. This reduces the growth of aquatic weeds and algae, which can choke a waterway by stealing the oxygen that plants and animals need to survive.Wetlands improve the water we drink and the air we breathe. Wetlands are capable of filtering pollutants such as sewage, fertilizer runoff composed of nitrogen and phosphorus, and heavy metals from industrial waste.Wetlands act like giant sponges. They soak up rain and snowmelt as they occur, and slowly release this water in drier seasons. Wetlands serve as temporary storage basins, lower flood crests, reduce erosion, and limit theĀ destruction caused by severe floods. Land development and the paving of large areas causes much faster runoff, thus increasing the chance of flooding. And last but not least, wetlands provide a temporary or permanent habitat to a wealth of species of plants, fish and wildlife. Wetlands are homes to many endemic and endangered species. An estimated 150 species of birds, and some 200 species of fish are directly dependent on wetlands for their survival.

Gamiing hopes to begin building a board walk through the wetland to use as an education tool for visitors to show the abundance of flora and fauna that is making its home there. Purchase a plank through our online fundraiser or simply donate a pledge to Gamiing though Canada Helps by clickign the Donate buttong on this page. Thank you for your support.Wetlands are disappearing fast, and with it go the ducks and all other wildlife it produces.

Boardwalk Plank Fundraiser $12.50
Click Here for Product Details! Help us build our wetland boardwalk plank by plank by supporting this fundraiser. Proceeds go towards the construction of the wetland boardwalk at Gamiing Nature Centre.

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