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Native Nursery

Pine COnes

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Native Nursery

Gamiing Nature Centre has a Native Nursery. This means that we grow only plant species that evolved naturally in our region and were here before Europeans arrived. Sustainable landscape design encourages the use of native plants because they generally require less irrigation than non-natives, attract native animals (particularly pollinating and seed-dispersing insects and birds), and repel or survive native insects and diseases. In contrast, non-native plants often require more intensive watering and can become invasive if they spread aggressively. Browse through our catalogue and see the many beautiful species we have on site.

Nursey Catalogue (PDF - 5.93MB)

When are we open?

Our season is open this year from May 1
Our operating hours are 10AM - 1PM
You can also find us at the Bobcaygeon Farmer's Market from  the middle of May till the end of June 

Our workshops "Gardening with Native Species" are becoming more and more popular. Be aware !! much that is sold as "native" may have been grown outside our region. To help you find what is best for your garden, we offer workshops on:

  • Native gardening
  • Xeriscaping
  • Natural
  • Wet garden

Workshops are offered on Wednesday evenings during the months of June and August. Starting time is 7pm. Depending on the weather and topic the workshops may be delivered outdoors. Otherwise we will gather in the Discovery Shack.

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