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Board Members of GAMIING

Cherianne Cybulskie - Chair


Cherianne joined Gamiing in 2017. She is the founder and facilitator of Gamiing's Forest School, love kids, nature. . especially our trees, plants & wildlife. Gamiing is near and dear to her heart. The dedication Mieke has given to this land inspires her every day and she loves the prime example of land restoration and forest succesion Gamiing offers.

Mieke Schipper - Volunteer Executive Director


Gamiing Nature Centre on the shores of Pigeon Lake is a very special place that is the result of Mieke's years of hard work and her incredible commitment to conservation and protection. The 100 acre property between Emily Park and Bobcaygeon where the Gamiing Nature Centre operates is named for the Ojibwa word for “near the shore” and has been Mieke’s home for the past 32 years. On Febrary 15, 2018 The Schipper family celebrated the signing of a conservation easement agreement to the Kawartha Land Trust on their property to protect the land they love in perpetuity.

When asked what drives Mieke and keeps her going? “I want my granddaughters to drink fresh, healthy water, breathe fresh healthy air and eat fresh and healthy food,” she said. “I’m just so happy to know the land that I love and care for will be protected in perpetuity for generations yet to come,” continued Schipper.

Jen Brown - Secretary

Jen came on board (no pun intended) in 20??. She is an administrative crackerjack!



Amy Elliott - Director











Amy joined Gamiing in 2016. When thinking about why she loves Gamiing she states,

 "There are so.many reasons it's hard to know where to start... but a lot of it stems from my   love affair with nature and the outdoors. I love seeing kids exploring, getting out of the   classroom and away from electronics. Gamiing is a space available to everyone - to   reconnect with themselves in the outdoors and to learn about their natural surroundings.   Whether it be through one of our workshops or just a leisurely hike down the trails on a   quiet Sunday afternoon"

 Amy owns and operates Little Country Critters. A portable petting zoo, geared to   educational and therapeutic programs for kids and adults alike. The entertainment value is   just a bonus. We are lucky to have Amy and her animals join us at many of our events.   Amy makes a mean squash soup and has the kindest heart.  


Olivia Phillips - Director


Olivia has been drawing and painting since before she can remember, but in May 2017 she began the most transformative year of her life. After graduating university with a degree in Psychology she felt very lost, so she decided to take some time to pursue her art. From illustrating children’s books, creating commissioned works to opening an Etsy shop and selling her work at Studio.358 in Bobcaygeon ON. Olivia says, "If my Psychology degree has taught me anything, it is that creativity can have an unbelievably positive effect on your life, and my own experience is solid proof."

Olivia joined Gamiing's board in September 2018. Her clever spirit and creative soul has been a positive addition to our team.


Elizabeth Healey - Director


Elizabeth has always had a profound appreciation for nature and being outdoors. Whether she was camping, fishing, canoeing or hiking trails, being close to nature in all seasons has always meant peacefulness, gratitude and respect. Leave only footprints behind.

"I count myself fortunate to live in an area where I can be close to nature daily and being associated with Gamiing Nature Centre people of all ages are invited to become custodians/stewards of the land- that’s something I believe in. By being an active contributor I hope in some small way we are able to expose others to this beautiful parcel of land, educate and celebrate nature and all she is."

Board Meetings held at GAMIING

The Board meets every second Tuesday of the month from September till June at 6:00pm in the Discovery Shack at Gamiing Nature Centre, 1884 Pigeon lake Road, Lindsay, ON.

Administrative Forms

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