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Bird Watching

Bird watching can be a very rewarding past time and at Gamiing there is no shortage of birds (and other wildlife) to enjoy.

From the common chickadee to waterfowl to some very unique birds there are plenty of them to see here at Gamiing. You never know what bird will appear next while hiking on the trails!

This past summer we finally saw the American Bittern, which we had heard for many years but never seen. This very shy and secretive bird managed to fly on the little island in the pond while are summer campers were trying to catch frogs. For the next hour the bird stepped around and peeked out from between the cattails. Those 7 and 8 years old had a sight of a lifetime.

There are approximately 7 kilometres of trails to explore here at Gamiing Nature Centre with birds and other wildlife in abundance for you to catch a view or even a snapshot to preserve your memory. Trails are open year round for you to catch all the birds the Kawarthas have to offer. Drop in and see for yourself!

From the Birdwatching Club in Arizona we received the following website to help building bird nest boxes. Thank you and here it is: http://www.deepjunglehome.in/making-bird-houses-with-unused-material-at-home/


Wildlife at Gamiing
Credit: Greg Dudley
Nature and Wildlife Photographer

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