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Welcome to Gamiing Nature Centre

Gamiing (gaa-'ming) is Ojibwa meaning “at the shore”

Join us in working toward Stewardship of our Natural Resources and Heritage

The name Gamiing was choosen to honour those who originated on this land and to ndicate our location by the lake



proceeds will go to our outdoor education program



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 Our Mission:

  Honouring our past with native storytelling in our teepee.

  Educating our present with learning to reduce our carbon footprint.

  Preserving our future for clean air, water and healthy habitats for all living creatures.


Philanthropic contributions positively affect all aspects of our lives and communities.
Explore how you can contribute to our Vision for the next generation through giving,volunteering and social engagement.

Latest News

December 1, 2016
Canada 150

Canada 150 and Gamiing will be celebrating this during the year with variius programs.

Our theme is:"Honouring our past - Educating our present - Preserving our future

From native history stories told around the fire in the wigwam or teepee, to learning more about sustainable actions we undertake here: meetings in the strawbale house which is powered by solar, or learning more about the windpower that is powering other buildings at Gamiing,  or the large solar panels and the work we do to preserve the future by planting another 1000 trees to capture CO2, rehabilitating our wetland to support species at risk find new habitats.

Come join us during the  year. We will update our website and Facebook with events and actions.

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January 26, 2016
Summer Camp info is online

The Summer Day Camp Registration package for 2017 is now online.
Please click the following link for the registration package -  Summer Day Camps


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